Plumbing Maintenance Can Help to Avoid Major Disasters In a Home

Plumbing has been used by human beings since Roman times. The homes of today have a plentiful supply of both hot and cold water for the necessary daily ablutions. Plumbing is based on certain simple principles, like pressure, valves, and drainage. It is a failure of the devices that act on these principles that lead to problems that have to be dealt with by plumbing maintenance.

Neglecting the problems may result in high water supply bills, leaks, stoppages and flooding; all of which can make living in a home quite uncomfortable. Homemakers are better served if they regularly attend to all plumbing problems before they become major issues. All that this requires, besides the vigilance, is a few basic tools and probably some spares which will keep the water flowing, the drainage working as it should, and life should be relatively comfortable.

Weather can also play its part in creating plumbing problems that call for maintenance. Pipes can freeze in cold weather and lead to them bursting or springing leaks. Most plumbing difficulties start in a small way, with leaking faucets, toilets that do not flush properly, or drains that are slow in carrying away the water in them.

Plumber Robert Stephens gives great advice in terms of what you should do before performing any maintenance “To effect any repair to water supply, it is essential that you know where the main water supply valve is so that you can shut it off before you attempt any repairs.” Robert’s company Express Plumbing and Heating in Red Deer has more advice on their site at

Make sure that the location of this valve is known to everyone in the home. Most fixtures and fittings used in bathrooms will have individual control valves that can be used instead, to cut off the water supply. They are situated below sinks and washbasins, and often at the side of toilets, and on the wall for baths and showers. A bathroom may also at times include a master valve that allows it to be isolated from the other parts of the plumbing system.

Toilets that do not flush properly may have problems with the blockage that needs to be cleared by the use of suction cups or by pouring hot water into the bowl. Maintenance problems with toilets often involve the flush tank or flush valve. These may require expert attention, though a simple look at the inside of the reservoir can reveal the problem that is causing poor or inadequate flushing or overflow of the tank.

Drain covers in bathrooms often get covered over by the hair and other things that can clog pipes. Clear these regularly and look for other solutions to falling hair, if the problem is persistent. Children have a habit of putting paper and other objects into drains, which may then lead to their getting clogged. These blockages can be removed by using a suction cup that loosens the material that is clogging the drain. Severe clogs can be broken down by using flexible augers that need to be part of your plumbing maintenance kit. It is also good to use certain cleaners that can help clear drains. The tendency nowadays is to look for cleaners that are green and entirely environmentally friendly. If the blockage is in the drain is outside the home, it is best you get professional plumbers to help, as this job may require more effort and expertise.

Kitchen sinks need to have garbage disposal units that will break down the waste put into their drains. Water heaters may require a separate sort of maintenance that must know how to deal with heaters, insulation and other things like gas and electricity.

Proper attention to plumbing problems can ensure that you live comfortably and can take advantage of all the conveniences that a modern day bathroom can provide.