Different Types of Roofing Materials

There are different types of roofing materials for roof shingles and determining the right one can be a bit overwhelming even for the experienced roofer. You’ll see these everywhere you go in residential neighborhoods, or even on the commercial buildings, various roof shingles. But, which is the one that is right for you? Roofing is a specialty craft, and skilled roofers know that picking the right shingle to get that rooftop done is a huge ordeal.

Top of the line manufacturers are found all over the internet, and roofing supply stocked yards. It’s the selection that you pick for the right job that should be looked at more into detail. In fact, for every plus there is for a shingle, there is a downside to it.

The ups and downs of shingles

roofing_shingleClay tiles- There are clay tiles: which are attractive and can last a long time. These types of tiles are low maintenance and come in various colors. They’re also non-combustible which is ideal for your family’s safety.

The downside is that they can fade and are heavy; plus, they are a little on the pricey side. It’s been known to some roofers that they are harder to put on, so only roofers who’ve had years and years of experience should handle them fine. Another downside of the clay tiles is that they’ll break easier when walking on roofs.

Concrete tiles These are fiber reinforced and are durable with low maintenance. They are relatively light weight and come in various styles and colors. The downside to these concrete tile is that they are expensive.

Slate tiles With the beauty of these tiles, you’ll probably enjoy them on the top of your home, since they are also long-lasting and low maintenance. Another plus to these types of tiles is that they are fireproof which is grande for any home with them. Although, for every plus, there is a minus, and that is they are heavy weighted, and they’re expensive.

Metal tiles- With the durability of metal, you can see why these are recyclable, they are used quite often in roof jobs. The can be installed over existing roof tiles and are low weighted. This type of material is fire retardant and they, too, come in various styles and colors.

The downside to them is that they have a “high initial cost” to them and will need painting every so often since the colors will fade away due to the sun’s exposure. Metal tiles are a little complex to install, so, again, the roofer should be experienced in handling these types of metal tiles.Faster_wear_of_asphalt_shingles_along_eaves

Wood Shingles and Shakes- These are the most natural looking shingles. With that natural looks, they offer insulation and value to the rooftop. They are easy to replace and repair and are long-lasting.

On the downside: they are complicated to install and very low durability and high maintenance; and since they are wood, it does pose some fire hazards.

Asphalt Shingles- These are very low priced and easy to install. They too come in various colors with the ability to suit any residential applications. Roofers will enjoy the fact that they are easy to repair. Additionally, they are fire resistant, and that’s a plus for any homeowner.

On the downside: these shingles have a short life expectancy and are high maintenance; plus, they are not environmentally friendly.

Spanish tiles- These have an upscale look to them and are the longest lasting tiles you can get on the market. They can last up to 70 years! Another plus to these types of tiles is that they are non-combustible and are excellent insulators.

On the downside: they are very heavy to handle, and since they are truly durable, they are expensive.

Many experts exist that can install these various tiles and select which is the right tile for you, the roofing contractor with the best reviews in our area was Crest Roofing, they installed Spanish Tiles on our roof with no issue, follow them on Twitter.

Finally, roofers have several options to shingles. Picking the right one for the home or resident that they are doing the roof job for is essential. It benefits the entire safety of the family in the home, so selecting the right type of shingle for the roof job is critical. Although just because the shingles are made of wood, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be used, they should just be mentioned to the homeowner when selecting the right shingle, and it’s properties to them.

Managing Strata Properties Requires a Fair Degree of Cooperation between Homeowners

strata properties on bareland

Property owners can have the land on which their homes are based, registered in their name, and this gives them absolute rights over the land and all the property on it. Many people go in for homes that have adjoining properties, like in apartments and townhouses, and here they share all common areas with others, which can include lifts, driveways, gardens, and roofs, besides others. These are called strata properties, and their successful management requires a different kind of approach.

The common areas, over which no homeowner has exclusive rights, have to be maintained through the joint efforts of all the owners of units in that particular compound of homes. The owners of homes in strata properties have to pay a levy that is meant to cover the costs of the-the maintenance of the common areas on the property. In most cases, these taxes are decided jointly by all the owners. They can also choose to appoint property managers to assist them in the task of looking after the property common areas and for collection and administering of the levies.

When you decide to invest in a strata property you benefit from the bulk of maintenance being outsourced for as long as you own the property. The fees that the associations or corporations managing the property charge are flexible and will vary depending on the standards of maintenance demanded by the majority of owners, and can increase as the property ages and maintenance requirements increase. One advantage in such properties is that they will cost less and will have less legal hassles in the transfer of ownership. The demand for such properties is constant, and this makes it easier to sell them.

“Property management of strata properties can also often require homeowners to follow individual lifestyles that the majority of the residents will be comfortable with.” Florence Shipp, a strata management expert in Vancouver points out.  “It means that there can be restrictions on keeping pets, parking places, hanging out washing, holding barbecues or parties and other activities that other neighbors may find disturbing. You cannot also make any changes in your home, without getting the permission from the managers of the property. It also becomes incumbent on all homeowners to participate in the formation of any corporation or association to manage the property and take responsibility for all decisions that are made jointly.” Florence offers more information about strata management on her company’s website at http://ww1.ascentpm.com/.

Managing strata properties becomes difficult as the number of co-owners and properties increases. Often, the management does require the services of a person who can devote all time and energy to it. Appointing a service company to undertake this management or any qualified person to do so can increase the cost to owners and becomes feasible when there are a greater number of property owners involved. An advantage, however, is that these people are professionals who will ensure that the property is managed to the standards demanded by the owners.

It is essential for the property management of strata properties that attention is paid to the regulations and laws that govern such properties. There can also be disputes between homeowners that the property manager may be required to solve.