Commercial Window Tinting Gives Increased Privacy and Protection from Sunlight

Window tinting is often associated with cars, but this is not entirely correct. Commercial window tinting is now used in many office buildings, and commercial establishments, as well as a lot of homes because the occupants of these living spaces can gain a lot of advantages with the tinting of their windows.


Businesses will like to have their staff and customers to have a sense of privacy while there is no restriction on the light and airiness that comes from windows. Banks will like their customers and their activities guarded against outside eyes while clinics and patients would like their privacy protected as well. Commercial window tinting film allows this facility to be readily available, and while guarding the interiors against the harsh sunlight can also offer added protection. Glass panels that have this film on them will not shatter easily, and this increases the safety factor.

Example of commercial windows that have been tinted.
Example of commercial windows that have been tinted.

Window tinting can also be used on glass partitions within offices and commercial spaces to afford additional privacy. In many cases, such tinting is used in artistic fashion to create company logos and designs that heighten the aesthetic appeal of the working area. One of the greatest advantages of commercial window tinting is that it can block eighty percent of the heat from the sun from coming into the building, and this can result in enormous savings in the costs for cooling. The savings so affected can often completely pay for the installation of the commercial tinting within a few seasons.

Protection from Harmful Rays of the Sun

The sun’s rays also have a percentage of ultraviolet rays that can be harmful to health and cause skin cancer. UV light also tends to degrade the surface of most materials and will affect furniture and draperies. Window tinting significantly reduces the UV light penetration and can thus avoid both the health and material degradation. Commercial window tint films are made from a heavy gauge of plastic and can have many finishes and hues. Metal is often embedded in them to provide a reflective surface that makes it impossible to see anything of the interiors from the outside. At the same time, these films can permit people inside to view the outside, and this prevents any effect of claustrophobia while affording total privacy. However, once the sun sets and lights are switched on in the rooms, this privacy is lost, and people from outside can see what is inside the rooms of a building that has commercial tinting.

Make Sure You Contact the Pros!

It is always advisable to have such installation carried out by the professionals such as at San Diego Window Tinting Pros, as then they will be able to install the film so that it appears seamless and has no air bubbles between the glass and the film. These films have adhesives that grip the glass and are always put on the inside surfaces of the glass windows. The films are available in standard width and come in rolls. They must be cut to the exact size of the window being covered and must completely adhere to the glass for them to be effective.