You Don’t Want Those Black Stains on the Carpet! Pick up Your Phone, Call the Pros

Picture this: You have invited your boss over for dinner. You start setting up your dining room by putting your favorite curtains and you most expensive carpet. And then you notice that your expensive Malmaison linen carpet has big black stains on it. And it is only then that you realize that you’d have to clean your carpet immediately.

professional carpet cleaning

What would you do next?

Would you immediately call the carpet cleaning service? But you’ve heard from your friend lately, she cleans her carpet all by herself by renting a machine!

Let us first get the facts right!

Carpet cleaning is no fun. It is a chore that is necessary to do. Most carpet owners usually clean their carpets once or twice a year. The most recommended method of cleaning your carpet is the hot water extraction method or steam cleaning – but steam isn’t used here literally. Here, hot water along with the detergent is sprayed onto the carpet first and then sucked back into the machine, taking in all the dirt and grime along with it which is the most commonly used carpet cleaning process.

Carpet cleaning may sound so simple, but this doesn’t mean everybody can clean and refresh their carpets on their own! Don’t you think that a good professional would do a better job? Of course, you can buy a deep cleaning machine or rent one, if you want to save some money and tackle the job on your own. But if you find a professional through Google search or via a Facebook page with the truck-mounted equipment has an edge and would do a better job than you would do in several ways!

They have been steam cleaning carpets every day, and so they are not likely to make mistakes by using more/less detergent or neglecting the soil on the carpet. Also because of the equipment they use, the truck provides constant hot water which increases the effectiveness of the soap. Professionals usually possess more efficient vacuum systems and just because they remove more water, they can also remove and rinse the carpet fully.

Reasons why a pro would do a better job!

You want your carpet cleaned in a way that will be safe for EVERYONE!
You want your carpet cleaned in a way that will be safe for EVERYONE!

The quality of the rented machines varies considerably. And if you are a novice at this, it might be a big issue for you! You might not be able to understand if a machine dumps too much of detergent on the carpet.

Maybe you will be able to rent a machine ten times more for the price of one carpet cleaning session by a professional, or you could buy a deep cleaning machine that you can use anytime. In that case, it is a question of whether cleaning your carpet frequently with an excellent or an average machine makes the carpet residue-free more than if you save up for professional cleaning once or twice a year, even if it is more rigorous.

And to conclude, it is recommended, even by the carpet manufacturers, call in a pro and get your carpets steam cleaned every 12 to 16 months. You don’t want your boss to come in and see those black stains on your Malmaison carpet, do you?