How Security Screws Can Protect Your Home

tamperproof security screws

Everyone works hard to protect their homes from burglary and any other form of unauthorized access. Most people will go to greater depths such as installing surveillance cameras, deadbolts, and even metric security systems just to ensure their homes are safe. While these measures do indeed help improve security, experienced burglars can still have access to your home. One of the best ways of protecting your home is by using security screws to fasten locks and any other security appliance in place. These screws make it almost impossible for the burglar to unscrew them, hence providing extended protection for your home.

The best thing about security screws is that most of them are made of a sturdy material, mostly stainless steel. Breaking or pulling such screws open therefore takes lots of brutal force, hence the perfect solution especially if using deadbolts. In addition to this, stainless steel security screws do not rust, hence last much longer than the standard screw. This makes it a worthy investment for every homeowner.

“You also need special screwdrivers to drive these security screws. The reason for this is because these screws do not use the regular star-shaped or flat-shaped ridges that can be driven by almost any other screwdriver. Very few people have access to these screwdrivers, which is another factor that improves security in your home. The screw’s head shape is also very different from the others. While most screws are fastened using clockwise motion, some of the best screws need an anticlockwise motion to tighten. Unless one understands this already, he/she would have a hard time trying to unscrew such screws.” says John Peters, a security expert at tamperproof company Loss Prevention Fasteners.

You can use security screws to fasten almost anything from doors, locks, hinges, and even safety boxes. The best thing about this is that these screws come in different shapes and sizes to fit all your needs. While these screws may help improve security in your home, it would be advisable to have a professional handle the installations. Most of these security screws come with specific requirements that need to be followed to the letter for optimal performance and durability.

The next time you call a security expert or even a locksmith to install locks and other security systems, ask them if they can use security screws instead. Most locksmiths recommend using these screws as it not only makes their work easier but also ensures your home is safe. You also need to use a certified locksmith or security expert for the installations as a way to protect yourself, and your home as well.